Welcome to TAQWA The Queensland Charity

Dedicated Leadership

Our work has been made possible by the tireless efforts of our pioneering members, including Hj Aslam Nabi, Dr Maqsood Hasan, Dr Galib Ali, Mahamad Dib, Naseem Abdul, Habib Farrugia, Habib Jamal, and Athar Ali Shah.

Today, we continue to carry their legacy forward through the dedication and hard work of our current office bearers: President Mr Aqeel Khawaja, Secretary Mr Habib Jamal, and Treasurer Mr Habib Farrugia.

Help Others Save
Their Lives

Islamic Council of QLD

Establishing an educational bursary fund

$22,000 RAISED

HUman Appeal Australia

Aenean vehicula orci in feugiat sodales.

$22,000 RAISED

The current office bearers of the Queensland Charity and Welfare Association (TAQWA) are:

  • President Mr Aqeel Khawaja
  • Secretary Mr Habib Jamal
  • Treasurer Mr Habib Farrugia

They are dedicated to carrying on the organization’s mission and making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

Pioneering members

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